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About PMB Trading Group Ltd

Telecommunication Solution Providers

PMB Trading Group Ltd aims to utilise our vast industry experience to supply our products and solutions to the global telecommunications market. We specialise in the entire range of telecom products including SIM cards, scratch cards, modems, routers, fulfilment, mobile apps and software solutions. PMB has proven to be the partner of choice by the leading Mobile Network Operators, worldwide.

With a strong understanding of the needs of global Mobile Network Operators and a comprehensive network of suppliers and industry partners in the card production as well as in the packaging and printing industries, PMB is commited to providing the most effective service and quality to surpass the expectations of the most stringent customer requirements.

The Way We Do Business

Flexibility, Capacity, Security and Quality

Major industry players have embraced outsourcing and have experienced a greater level of operational flexibility in meeting the requirements of their customers. PMB Trading Group Ltd have embraced this philosophy, ensuring cost savings for the operator.

Production and Operational Flexibility

For any given project, we select from our list of qualified partner manufacturing companies with the most suitable geographical location and support to provide our customers with better delivery support and hence driving costs down.

Effective Resource Management

Without the constant and high cost of operation to run a production site, this saving in fixed overheads is passed on to our customers. PMB is able to provide stronger regional logistical support with multiple partner sites without the concern of high operational costs and capacity redundancy.

Security and Quality

All of our chosen partner companies are ISO registered, to ensure the highest level of security and quality.

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